7 Days Trip to Naran Kaghan & Skardu Valley

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Join us on an unforgettable 7-day, 6-night journey to Skardu and Naran from Islamabad, immersing yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Northern Pakistan. This captivating trip to Skardu from Islamabad takes you through stunning landscapes, where each day unveils new wonders to explore. From Islamabad, venture towards Skardu, a haven of serene lakes and towering peaks. The trip to Skardu from Islamabad will lead you to iconic destinations like Shangrila Resort, Upper Kachura Lake, and the mesmerizing Shigar Valley. As your adventure unfolds, journey towards Naran, where the Kunhar River flows serenely amidst lush valleys and vibrant meadows. This 7-day trip to Skardu from Islamabad promises thrilling treks, unforgettable cultural encounters, and the chance to witness the majestic Deosai National Park. Don't miss this opportunity to experience the magic of Skardu and Naran on a journey that promises a lifetime of cherished memories. Book your trip to Skardu from Islamabad today and embark on a remarkable adventure that will leave you in awe at every turn. Here is a proposed itinerary for you epic Journey from Islamabad to Naran and Skardu: A Tale of Two Worlds:

Day 1: Islamabad to Naran - A Road Less Traveled
- Embark on a mystical journey from Islamabad to Naran, venturing through the enchanting Hazara Motorway.
- As the sun begins to set, arrive in Naran, welcomed by the embrace of the majestic Himalayas.
- Nestle into a cozy haven for the night, where dreams are woven with the whispers of mountain breezes.

Day 2: Naran to Skardu - Unveiling the Babusar Canvas
- Set forth on an odyssey towards Skardu, conquering the mythical Babusar Top.
- Feel the thrill as you ascend, the world transforming into a realm of clouds and ethereal panoramas.
- Reach Skardu, a hidden jewel cradled amidst the towering peaks, and find solace in its serene embrace.

Day 3: Deosai Delight - Dance with the Butterflies
- Embark on a quest to Deosai, a land where the heavens kiss the earth in a mesmerizing embrace.
- Wander amidst the sea of wildflowers, as butterflies waltz around you like fleeting dreams.
- As twilight paints the sky, return to Skardu, where stars whisper ancient tales of wanderers and lovers.

Day 4: Shigar and Khaplu Odyssey - Echoes of Royalty
- Set forth to explore Shigar and Khaplu, ancient realms echoing with stories of bygone empires.
- Traverse through timeless valleys, where each stone whispers tales of valiant warriors and tender romances.
- Return to Skardu, your heart filled with the echoes of history and the promise of tomorrow's adventures.

Day 5: Souq Valley and Upper Kachhura - A Glimpse of Paradise
- Embark on a local escapade, venturing into the mystical Souq Valley and Upper Kachhura.
- Traverse through emerald meadows, where the river hums ballads of love to the mountains.
- As the day wanes, return to Skardu, where the moon's glow mingles with the shimmering waters of the Indus.

Day 6: Skardu to Naran - Farewell to Skardu's Embrace
- Bid a bittersweet adieu to Skardu, leaving behind a piece of your heart amidst its grandeur.
- Embark on the homeward journey, retracing the path through mountains and valleys that have witnessed your tale.
- Return to Naran, where the mountains stand as silent witnesses to your transformative sojourn.

Day 7: Homeward Bound - Carrying Memories, Leaving Footprints
- The final chapter of your epic saga unfolds as you journey back to Islamabad.
- Carry with you the echoes of laughter, the whispers of wind, and the magic of Skardu and Naran in your heart.
- As you bid farewell, remember that this adventure was not just a journey; it was a symphony of love, courage, and the eternal quest for beauty.

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6 Nights/ 7 Days

7 Days Trip to Naran Kaghan & Skardu Valley

Pakistan Friends & Family

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Naran Kaghan Valley Skardu