One Day tour to Umrella Waterfall, Sajikot & Khanpur Dam

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Join us on a mesmerizing day tour to Umbrella Waterfall and Khanpur Dam, traversing the scenic Hazara Motorway. The beauty of Hazara Motorway unfolds like a captivating story, guiding you through picturesque landscapes and offering glimpses of nature's artistry, no doubt it is regarded as one of the most beautiful motorways in Pakistan. As you embark on your day tour to Umbrella Waterfall and Khanpur Dam, the drive itself becomes an enchanting journey, with the motorway seamlessly blending with the surrounding beauty.

Feel the anticipation building with each passing mile as you approach the renowned Umbrella Waterfall, a hidden treasure waiting to unveil its splendor. The day tour to Umbrella Waterfall and Khanpur Dam is a symphony of sightseeing, adventure, and relaxation, where you'll witness the cascading wonder of the waterfall and bask in the tranquil ambiance of Khanpur Dam's azure waters. Let the magic of the day tour to Umbrella Waterfall and Khanpur Dam, guided by the scenic Hazara Motorway, create memories that linger long after your journey concludes.
Here is a proposed itinerary for a scenic Day Tour to Umbrella Waterfall and Khanpur Dam via Hazara Motorway:
- Depart from Islamabad in the early morning, a day of exploration awaits along the picturesque Hazara Motorway.
- Enjoy a scenic drive, witnessing the changing landscapes as you make your way towards Abbottabad.

Visit to Umbrella Waterfall:
- Arrive at the captivating Umbrella Waterfall, a hidden gem nestled amidst lush greenery.
- Embark on a short hike through nature's beauty to reach the mesmerizing waterfall.
- Feel the refreshing mist and listen to the soothing sounds of cascading water, a symphony of nature's serenity.

Journey to Khanpur Dam:
- Continue your journey towards Khanpur Dam, the sparkling jewel of the region.
- As you approach the dam, catch glimpses of the azure waters and surrounding hills, a sight to behold.

Exploration at Khanpur Dam:
- Reach Khanpur Dam and marvel at the expansive reservoir surrounded by rugged landscapes.
- Engage in water activities such as boating, kayaking, or simply relax by the shores, embracing the tranquility.

Scenic Drive back to Islamabad:
- As the day draws to a close, start your return journey to Islamabad, savoring the scenic beauty of Hazara Motorway.
- Relish the memories of the day's adventures and the breathtaking sights you've witnessed.

Your day tour to Umbrella Waterfall and Khanpur Dam via the enchanting Hazara Motorway will be a journey of natural beauty, serenity, and exploration. Immerse yourself in the splendor of the waterfall and the tranquil allure of Khanpur Dam, making the most of every moment amidst nature's embrace.

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1 Nights/ 1 Days

One Day tour to Umrella Waterfall, Sajikot & Khanpur Dam

Pakistan Friends & Family

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