Honeymoon Trip to Neelum Valley 3 Days 2 Nights

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3 Days Honeymoon Tour to Neelum Valley is perfect gift for newlyweds. With our exquisite Neelum Valley honeymoon tour package, you get a three-day romantic escape to cherish forever. The Neelum Valley honeymoon tour package is the epitome of romance and adventure, offering an unparalleled journey amidst nature's wonders. With the Neelum Valley honeymoon tour package , couples can immerse themselves in the breathtaking beauty of this enchanting region.
From exploring charming villages to embracing the serenity of lush landscapes, this Neelum Valley honeymoon tour package is designed to create lasting memories. Surprise your loved ones with theNeelum Valley honeymoon tour package, where every moment is a celebration of love and togetherness. Book now to gift an experience that will forever be etched in their hearts, a Neelum Valley honeymoon tour package that promises a magical escape into nature's embrace.

3 Days Honeymoon Tour to Neelum Valley Day 1: Islamabad to Muzaffarabad - A Delightful Beginning
- Start your romantic journey with a departure from Islamabad.
- Arrive in Muzaffarabad and check into your cozy accommodation.
- Explore the enchanting beauty of Murree , setting the tone for your romantic escapade.
- Marvel at the captivating grace of Kashmir Waterfall, a symbol of nature's elegance.
- Reach Peer Chanasi, where panoramic vistas become the backdrop for your love story.

3 Days Honeymoon Tour to Neelum Valley Day 2: Keran's Love Trails - Embrace of Nature's Charms
- Set out for Keran , where love finds its haven amidst nature's embrace. - En route, witness the enchanting Line of Control (LOC), a testament to borders erased by love. - Discover Athmuqam's timeless charm, where history meets serenity. - Arrive in Keran, a place where the river's melody resonates with your hearts. - Reach Upper Neelum Village, where simplicity and romance intertwine. - Spend the night in Keran, immersed in the whispers of nature and each other's company.

3 Days Honeymoon Tour to Neelum Valley Day 3: Kutton's Cascading Love Song
- Begin your journey back to Islamabad, but not before one final romantic touch.
- Visit the mesmerizing Kutton Waterfall, where nature's symphony serenades your love.
- As the waters cascade, let your love flow in sync with the beauty around you.
- Carry the memories of your Neelum Valley love story as you return to Islamabad, hearts brimming with the magic of the past three days.

This 3-day honeymoon itinerary through Neelum Valley is a love story written in nature's own script. From the serenity of Muzaffarabad to the romance of Keran and the cascading beauty of Kutton Waterfall, each day adds a new chapter to your tale of love. Let Neelum Valley be the canvas for your romantic masterpiece, where every moment is a brushstroke of enchantment and every glance is a chapter of an enduring love story.

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2 Nights/ 3 Days

Honeymoon Trip to Neelum Valley 3 Days 2 Nights

Pakistan Honeymoon & Romantic

from: USD 293.12 for 2 Person

This tour covers following areas :
Islamabad Muzaffarabad Murree Neelum Valley