7 Days 6 Nights Tour to Istanbul and Bursa

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Experience the enchantment of Turkey with our captivating 7-day tour to Istanbul and Bursa.

This immersive journey promises an unforgettable exploration of the mesmerizing historical and cultural wonders that these two magnificent cities have to offer. Embark on a whirlwind tour to Istanbul and Bursa, where ancient tales blend seamlessly with modern vibrancy. Discover the iconic landmarks, relish in the rich tapestry of traditions, and indulge in the flavors of authentic Turkish cuisine.

Our meticulously crafted 7-day tour to Istanbul and Bursa ensures that every moment is a treasure trove of experiences, guiding you through the enchanting streets, ancient sites, and panoramic vistas of these captivating destinations. Join us on this remarkable tour to Istanbul and Bursa, where each day unfolds new layers of history, beauty, and adventure. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to embark on a tour to Istanbul and Bursa that will create memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Here is a proposed itinerary for your 7 days 6 nights Tour to Istanbul and Bursa:

Day 1 - Arrival in Istanbul
- Arrive at IST/SAW airport and enjoy a smooth transfer to your hotel.
- Spend the night in Istanbul, embracing the anticipation of your journey.

Day 2 - Exploring Ottoman Relics
- Begin your day with a hearty breakfast, setting the tone for an enriching experience.
- Engage in a captivating Half Day Ottoman Relics Tour, delving into the historical treasures of Istanbul.
- Spend the night in Istanbul, with the echoes of history resonating within you.

Day 3 - Journey to Bursa
- Enjoy a delicious breakfast to fuel your day's adventure.
- Embark on a ferry transfer to the enchanting city of Bursa, where tranquility awaits.
- Unwind in Bursa, making lasting memories as you rest for the night.
Day 4 - Uludag Cable Car Expedition
- Revitalize with a fulfilling breakfast, gearing up for a day of exploration.
- Immerse yourself in the grandeur of Bursa with a Full Day Bursa Cable Car Uludag Tour, accompanied by a sumptuous lunch.
- Relish the charm of Bursa, as the night wraps you in its peaceful embrace.

Day 5 - Return to Istanbul
- After breakfast, bid farewell to Bursa and set forth on a ferry transfer back to Istanbul.
- Reunite with the vibrant energy of Istanbul, spending the night amid its captivating ambiance.

Day 6 - Bosphorus Cruise Adventure
- Begin your day with a satisfying breakfast, eager to seize the wonders that await.
- Embark on a Half Day Bosphorus Cruise Tour, navigating the captivating waters that weave through Istanbul's heart.
- The night in Istanbul holds the promise of tales spun by the waves of the Bosphorus.

Day 7 - Journey's End
- Savor your final breakfast, reflecting on the memorable days that have passed.
- Prepare for departure, as you are transferred to IST Airport, cherishing the moments and experiences gathered.
- Depart with enriched perspectives, carrying the essence of Istanbul with you.

This refined itinerary is designed to weave history, culture, and beauty into each day of your journey, ensuring your time in Istanbul and Bursa is an enchanting and unforgettable experience.

Enjoy your trip! ❤️

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6 Nights/ 7 Days

7 Days 6 Nights Tour to Istanbul and Bursa

Turkey Friends & Family

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