15 Days Tour to Saudi Arabia

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Experience the wonders of Saudi Arabia on an unforgettable 15-day tour package that takes you through the heart of this captivating kingdom.

From Riyadh, the capital's treasures, to the ancient fortresses and desert vistas, your journey is filled with historical landmarks and breathtaking landscapes. Explore Ushaiger's heritage village, witness the world's largest camel market in Buraidah, and marvel at the ancient rock art in Jubbah. Discover AlUla's outstanding natural beauty and historical sites, including the UNESCO World Heritage site, Madain Saleh. In Jeddah, explore the historic Al Balad and visit living museums like Naseef House and Al Shafee Mosque.

Immerse yourself in Saudi Arabia's rich history at the Tayebat City Museum and enjoy coastal attractions in Jeddah. Ferry to the Farasan Islands for natural wonders and history, and meet the Flower Men in Rijal Almaa. Explore Asir's lush mountains, visit Al Habala village perched on a cliff, and discover the underground tunnels of Al Yanfa.

Your tour culminates with a farewell dinner in Abha before flying back to Riyadh. Book this immersive 15-day tour package to Saudi Arabia for an unforgettable adventure.

Here is a proposed itienrary for your 15 days Tour to Saudi Arabia:

Day 1: Riyadh - The Capital's Treasures
- Start Point: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
- Check-in and pre-departure meeting at the hotel at 14:00.
- Visit the National Museum and Murabba Palace, historical landmarks in Riyadh.
- Experience breathtaking views from the 99th floor of Kingdom Tower's Sky Bridge.
- Enjoy a group welcome dinner at a traditional Saudi restaurant in Najdi Village.
- Accommodation: 4-star hotel in Riyadh.

Day 2: Riyadh - Ancient Fortresses and Desert Vista
- Explore the old city, starting with Masmak Fortress, showcasing Saudi history.
- Visit the ancient town of Diriyah, a UNESCO heritage site, and the At-Turaif open-air museum.
- Venture to The Edge of the World, a dramatic desert escarpment, best viewed at sunset.
- Return to the 4-star hotel in Riyadh for a relaxing evening.

Day 3: Ushaiger Heritage Village - Buraidah
- Journey to Ushaiger, a living museum with traditional Najdi architecture.
- Explore the twisting alleyways and yellow mud houses.
- Head to Buraidah, known for date farms and a lively camel market.
- Accommodation: 4-star hotel in Buraidah.

Day 4: Buraidah Camel Market - Hail
- Witness the world's largest camel market in Buraidah at sunrise.
- Experience the lively and sensory-rich atmosphere.
- Reach Hail, where you'll enjoy sunset at Hail Hilltop for panoramic city views.
- Accommodation: 3-star hotel in Hail.

Day 5: Ancient Petroglyphs and AlUla Oasis
- Morning visit to Jubbah's ancient rock art, showcasing petroglyphs from ancient times.
- Continue to the oasis of AlUla, with a free evening to explore or dine in the old town.
- Accommodation: 3-star hotel in AlUla.

Day 6: AlUla - A Glimpse of History and Nature
- Explore AlUla's outstanding natural beauty and historical sites.
- Discover ancient tombs, Nabatean inscriptions, and breathtaking landscapes.
- Free evening to explore AlUla further or relax.

Day 7: Madain Saleh - The Rose City
- Visit Madain Saleh, a UNESCO World Heritage site with impressive Nabatean tombs.
- Explore the archaeological wonder of the "Rose City."
- Return to your 3-star accommodation in AlUla.

Day 8: AlUla - Magnificent Monuments
- Delve deeper into AlUla's historical treasures.
- Explore impressive monolithic structures, inscriptions, and more.
- Enjoy a free evening to unwind or explore AlUla independently.

Day 9: Taif Rose Farm - Jeddah - Coastal Attractions
- Explore a rose farm in Taif.
- Arrive in Jeddah, a vibrant blend of old and new.
- Visit the lively corniche, Al Rahma Floating Mosque, and King Fahd's Fountain.
- Savor a traditional Arabic group dinner.
- Accommodation: 3-star hotel in Jeddah.

Day 10: Jeddah - Historic Al Balad and Museums
- Discover the UNESCO-listed Al Balad historic center in Jeddah.
- Explore spice-scented souqs, art galleries, and traditional bakeries.
- Visit living museums like Naseef House and Al Shafee Mosque.
- Explore the Tayebat City Museum, showcasing Jeddah's rich history.
- Enjoy an evening to explore Jeddah or relax in your 3-star hotel.

Day 11: Fly to Jazan - Ferry to Farasan Islands
- Morning flight to Jazan in the southeast.
- Take an afternoon ferry to the Farasan Islands, an idyllic archipelago.
- Check into a resort and enjoy a group seafood dinner.

Day 12: Farasan Islands - Natural Wonders and History
- Embark on a 4-hour boat tour around the Farasan Islands, enjoying beaches and snorkeling.
- Visit Al Qassar sandstone village and the historic Pearl Merchants Neighborhood.
- Free evening to explore the islands or relax at the resort.

Day 13: Ferry to Jazan - Rijal Almaa and Muhayil
- Early ferry back to Jazan.
- Explore Rijal Almaa's unique architecture and meet the Flower Men.
- Reach Muhayil for the night in a 3-star hotel.

Day 14: Asir's Natural Beauty and Hidden Treasures
- Journey into the Asir province, known for lush vegetation and mountains.
- Explore Asir National Park, home to baboons and Mt. Soudah, Saudi Arabia's highest peak.
- Visit the dramatic Al Habala village, perched on a cliff.
- Explore the underground tunnels of Al Yanfa.
- Spend the night in a 3-star hotel in Abha.

Day 15: Farewell to Saudi Arabia
- Explore Abha's Shada Palace, a showcase of traditional Asir architecture.
- Enjoy a group farewell dinner.
- Fly from Abha to Riyadh.
- Tour ends at Riyadh airport around midday.
- Ensure your flight home is booked after 18:00.
- Optional PCR test available at the airport.
- Assistance for extra nights in Riyadh if needed.

This enhanced itinerary presents a comprehensive overview of your Saudi Arabia group tour in a more structured and engaging format.

Safe travels! ✈️

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14 Nights/ 15 Days

15 Days Tour to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Friends & Family

from: USD 5724.30 for 1 Person

This tour covers following areas :
Riyadh Jeddah

Package Inclusions :

- 3 & 4-star hotels, resorts, and local guest houses.
- Comfortable with modern amenities and private bathrooms.
- Twin share basis for solo travelers; room-sharing with suitable partners.
- Couples can request double beds.
- Single room supplement fee of £600 for solo travelers desiring a private room.

- 1 English-speaking local tour leader.

- Breakfast provided daily at hotels.
- Includes 6 evening meals: welcome dinner in Riyadh, traditional group dinners, and farewell dinner in Abha.
- Other evening meals at your expense.
- Lunches not included, offering opportunities to explore local food.
- Arabian cuisine is delicious and cost-effective compared to Western standards.
- Limited availability of Western-style food outside major towns.
- Vegetarian options available but may differ from Western dishes.

- Comfortable travel with minimal long drives.
- Private air-conditioned buses and 4x4 vehicles for most journeys.
- 2 domestic flights included: Jeddah to Jazan and Abha to Riyadh, reducing time-consuming drives with limited attractions.